All 90 minute facials include an arm, neck, décolleté, scalp and foot massage with exfoliation. All 60 minute facials include a foot, shoulder, and scalp massage.
302 Fresh (60/90 min. $70/$90) 
Experience pure organic elements of avocado,  vanilla, lavender, and mint. This treatment gently removes dead skin cells with an organic enzyme exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling resilient, nourished and fresh.
Pure ReLeaf (60 min. $80) 
Deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your skin with the powers of a natural lactic acid yogurt peel. This customized organic facial treats each of your skins specific needs.
Awakening (90 min. $130) 
Transform your tired skin into a glowing, revitalized appearance with this anti-aging, result oriented facial. Pure organic AHA and an herbal paprika treatment gently peel away dulling skin cells, detoxifying and leaving the complexion silky smooth.
Lighten Up (90 min. $115) 
Lighten and brighten your complexion with this regenerating, soothing facial. Designed to reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation while firming and hydrating sun damaged skin.
Balancing Act (90 min. $115) 
Target the hormonal imbalances in your skin with this firming, anti-aging facial. Phytoestrogens, hops, and flaxseed will harmonize to bring your complexion to its optimal state.
Clarity (90  min. $120 ) 
Control breakouts, calm and sooth your problematic skin with this gentle, yet effective treatment. This customized facial will help to clear your complexion without over drying or irritating. Recommend in a series for best results.
GQ (60/90 min $80/$100)
Sit back and relax while this specially designed facial deeply cleanses, smoothes and restores your skin. Leaving you feeling like a million bucks.
Pep It Up (90min  $160)
Pep up your tired skin with this advanced peptide peel. The high concentration and diversity of peptides will stimulate the skins natural collagen, increase elasticity as well as tighten and firm your skin.
Quick Fix Peels (30min/60 min $50/$90)
Choose from one of these customized peels that will restore the texture and clarity of your skin, while giving you a renewed radiance. (These treatments are great on the go, but for optimal results are best done in a series.)
Glycolic- 20% glycolic acid peel, retextures and evens out pigmentation due to sun damage or age.
Pumpkin Peel- A perfect cocktail of live enzymes, glycolic and salicylic acid to evenly exfoliate your skin.
Salicylic Acid- Ideal for acne & breakouts
Ultrasonic Lift  (90min  $150)
Ultrasonic vibrations and micro-current are used to exfoliate dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage, soften fine lines and penetrate products deep into your skin, leaving you with a uplifting look. 
Microdermabrasion (45 min. $100) 
Blast away old, dead skin cells with this crystal tip Microdermabrasion that will leave your skin refined, and polished. Followed by a customized mask that will restore your skin with vitamins, hydration and nourishment.
Micro ReLeaf (75 min. $145) 
This treatment includes the organic 60 minute Pure ReLeaf facial, along with the microdermabrasion treatment.
A La Carte
Any of these treatments may be used individually or combined with any facial or body treatment.
Eye Repair (30 min. $40) 
Rest your tired eyes with the rich ingredients of apple to reduce puffiness, carrot to reduce fine lines, and blackthorn to help with those dreaded dark circles. In this treatment we will use localized massage techniques to stimulate oxygen around the eye area making your eyes look wide awake.
Nuface (20 min. $45) 
Increase firmness by lifting sagging facial muscles and re define your cheek bones and jaw line with this first FDA cleared Microcurrent device.
Tootsie Scrub (10 min. $15) Exfoliation of the feet with one of our yummy sugar scrubs.
*No Double Dipping Policy
Double dipping is a huge epidemic in wax application. This technique increases the chance of spreading bacteria from one client to the next. We our proud to say that we are a double dip free zone. Assuring our clients leave with smooth and clean waxed skin, and no coo-dies. Giving everyone a huge sigh of releaf!!!
Waxing Services 
Brow Shape $20           Brow Main $15 
Face $30                     Chin $12     
Lip $10                        Underarm $15
Bush(Bikini) $30          Bush to Tush (Brazilian) $55
Bush To Tush Main $45  Full Arm $35 
Half Arm $25                Full Leg $60    
Half Leg $30                Stomach $25
GQ Brow $20    Nose $8
Ears $10         Back $50+        
Chest $30
Lash $25 Brow $20
Outcall services available $75 & up
Make Up 
Make-up Application 60 min. $50 
Make-up Lesson 90 min. $100
Body Treatments
All About the Back (60 min. $90)
A revitalized treatment for the neglected skin of the back including cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a detoxifying mask. This treatment will leave your back looking and feeling vibrant.
Simply Smooth Salt Glow (30 min. $50) 
Utilizing a Pure Mineral Rich Sea Salt this spa experience combines a full body exfoliation with the essence of warm towels. Sooth your overworked muscles with this warm, relaxing experience followed by a rich moisturizer to restore your skin.
Lavender Lux Body Treatment (60 min. $125) 
Melt away overworked, stressed or strained muscles with this luxurious, warming lavender treatment. Receive an entire body exfoliation using cornmeal, sweet soy, and lavender oil followed by a deep aromatic rub. You will be left feeling pampered and silky smooth.
Fruit Roll Up ( 60min $135)
Let your mind and body melt deep into the table, while your entire body gets an all over exfoliation with the power of lactic acid. Following this all organic peel comes the lathering of a fruit mask for the body. The delicious smells of cherries, and peaches will over take your senses and leave your body nourished and revitalized.
Quench Body Treatment (60 min $120) 
A relaxing yet intensive body treatment that addresses the visible signs of aging and dehydration. It’s multi-layer AHAs exfoliate and even out skin pigmentation and tone, while deeply hydrating. This treatment leaves the skin with a smoother, brighter look and feel.
Hours: Tues. - Sat. 9 am - 7 pm Sun. - Mon. Upon request
Parking Parking spaces are provided in front of ReLeaf for your convenience. 
Cancellations & Return Policy Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Product returns will not be accepted more than 10 days after the original date of purchase. All products must be in original packaging and accompanied by a receipt. Sorry no make-up returns.
Consultations are available by appointment.